Roman Rehák with his work. Inspired and inspiring.

Roman Řehák
Kathy Gajewska
Phone Art

iPhone revolutionarily changed the way people communicate once and for all!once and for all!

2017 is the year that Apple iPhone officially turns 10. Ten years Steve Jobs, Apple chief executive, officially announced to the three powerful products... combined into one product. “A widescreen iPod with touch controls”, “a revolutionary mobile phone”, “a breakthrough internet communicator”, as he called it, was now available on the markets.

Looking back, iPhone influenced not only the mobile industry but also the whole society. 2017 is a year marked by the 10th anniversary of the most popular smart phone and in the PopArt Center Gallery we celebrate the occasion along with all the apple and art lovers!

Three years ago Czech artist Roman Řehák, an enthusiast for applications for smart phones, expressed his interest in modifying and editing photos in the most creative way. He revised a great collection of photos transforming them in such a unique way that they seemed like paintings to the viewers. Progressively he bounced to creating comic books and funny stories from a compilation of funny photos.

On the 4th of August 2015 the beginning of a significant change was made. Rehák discovered special programs for smart phones and tablets and started to use them intensively.

Meetings and collaborations with interesting people inspired and motivated him to create original and meaningful masterpieces. Major Czech photographer, Jakub Ludvík, was invited to work with Řehák by his make-up artist’s, Kathy Gajewska, initiative. Really intriguing and dynamic large-scaled pieces were created from this blending. The ideas of those three admirable artists were mixed up in such uniquely powerful way. Those works of art are now on display in the Apple Museum presented through an Exhibition with limited edition works of Roman Řehák, Kathy Gajewska and Jakub Ludvík.

Οn the occasion of the celebration of the revolutionary decade of iPhone presence on the market, along with the beginning of Multi-Touch , you now have the opportunity to admire all the photos originally created by PhoneArt.

PhoneArt creates and materializes digital contents in iPhone applications on big canvas with the help of print. The digital contents are enriched by the painter Jiří Krátký who transformed some of PhoneArt trio creations on canvas creating new astonishing oil paintings.