Jiří Korec


Czech sculptor and coin engraver, was born 12. February 1925 in Turnov and died 7. July 2004 in Prague. He studied first at Jeweller High School (1940 - 1944), later at UMPRUM University in Prague in field Figural Plastic Art under conduct of Jaroslav Horejec and Bedřich Stefan.

Up to year 1991 he lived and worked in Prague, where he made crucial part of internationally awarded work. After, he moved to Mlázovice u Jičína, being ignored at home as many other religious artists.

To escape refusal, he had chosen a way of representing Czech art abroad, for example at EXPO 58 in Brussels or EXPO 67 in Montreal. Keeping existentially up, he devoted his activities to art restoring. Accompanied with similarly introverted and contemplative friend, sculptor Zdeněk Palcr. To contemplate here is a question, what possibilities would Korec reach, if conforming the norm.

His sculptures, mainly from 50' and 60’ are gracefully shaped, softly modelled with pliable folds, characters are immersed in themselves and perhaps in common with artist living their inner life. Especially in “Lovers” 1959; or "Men and Women”1963; tenderness and blending into mutual form are juxtaposed. Classical harmony of compositions and rigorously built sollitaires resonate Modigliani inspired somatology, although oscillating humbleness. Chastity of expression traverses to medal engravings, where meticulous attention to details on micro space balms material as in i. e. "Reminiscence of Auguste Renoir 1977”. Same material under his creative touch could erupt, as in "Flowers of Evil” 1980.

On other places, Korec was a bit defiant, experimenting creator of assemblages, mainly in 60’, allowing his enormous phantasy to test unlisted variety of materials. Inspite of explosive concepts, we perceive him as balanced and consistent artist.