johan art

If curious, how deep are iconic characters imprinted in our consciousness, works of Johan brings a suggested response.

In reality, his technique comes from least framed element - colours. Using wood as canvas, boards are first covered with spatula stretched intense and rough colours. He says he wants to keep them crude. Brushstrokes, suddenly suggesting background dimensions beyond elementary static perception. At the front, the colour receives facial features, beneath spontaneous and wild, but organised as under a very personal key clue.

Flow and blow up of spectrum, distortion conceived by Johan, which comes under control of facial features in portrait, seems to blur around question of essential matter of identity - of young artist and icons of fabulous past.

Experiments with colours come to life thanks to airbrush, dignified tool with background in edgy corners of art field, in Johans work delivering showy but classy, very jazzy pieces. Interestingly enough, many depicted characters relate to golden era of jazz.

Later work formed to sculptural assemblages. Beautified “trash”, pieces arranged in homogeneous shape made of damaged pieces we desire - keyboard leftovers, computer particles, articles of rather technical character receiving very new and complex logic.

Capable to get new inspirations, refusive to overproduction, Johan seems driven and uniquely easy to praise rather for his work than artistic ego.