Permanent Installation


Educative Value of Apple Museum Prague

Visiting the museum as single instance, a just happen experience, is pleasing delivery of laboratory like stroll in environment build for apparatuses, which aim, in the end, to act way smarter then real human mind.

What comes over and above unit of a stunning free time spent, is perhaps educative postvalue of it.

We are facing largest European collection of essentially everyday objects of artificial intelligence: tools in timeline, allowing us to explore evolution of means of liberation, as they act under supervision of entities of recent and short history to extend and manipulate reality into chosen mode.

As under a magnifying glass, nuances of form, taken for granted if seen out context, reveal thanks to chronographic display. We are able to reflect very particularly, what leads to personal comfort and uncover, how formal stylistics of every era justified it.

Under one rooftop we rethink complete transformation caused by push to break boundaries and find new applications, as well as explore what applied aesthetics might mean in intuitive stage …and before.

Reveal, observe and analyse efforts to physically bridge discrete brain endeavours becomes much more straightforward thanks to their meticulous juxtaposition under category of function and time.

To motivate mindful progress it is vital to know composits and structure leading to compelling results of distinguished brand which understands education as one of its constituting eminence.

Virtual Guide leads through and helps to understand, why each specific display appears in it's arrayal and time - to points out inovations and new specifications of every single commodity.

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  • 3D virtual tour.